owner. founder. enthusiast.

It started with curiosity and became a passion for all things automotive and brand. From humbling beginnings that started out of my garage in 2012, I’ve gone through many jobs and experiences prior; 6+ years at Longo Toyota, Sales and Marketing at Five Axis under the mentorship of Troy Sumitomo, Scion Tuner Challenge 2013, OEM Audio Plus, etc.



The peak of my passion for automotive came up with Autotuned because I got tired of seeing poor quality car work from my friends and family. It was very important to me that their cars were done in perfection and great quality. Based from my garage I built an oddly large number of clientele that appreciated the time and quality of their cars. Autotuned has been and will always be focused on quality and perfection of all things automotive.


1981: born and raise in FLORIDA

1997: purchased first car; Toyota Paseo




Start from the bottom.

Before the era of smart phones and apps, marketing and social plugs, I created personal relationships. I show up, find a connection and understand each and everyones key points.

Follow your vision.

Do it out of curiosity and self, not out of confidence and want. When the vision and idea is relevant, the taste level is more personal and your vision comes alive.

Expect Excellence.

The idea is not to compete, the idea is to maximize the potential of what the vision is, doing it tastefully and not hurting the brand, the product, the quality of work.